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More than meets the eye

See why Serena smart shades and blinds give you so much more than ordinary window coverings.

Precise movement year after year

Built on Lutron’s long-standing passion for precision engineering and innovation, Serena smart shades move in near perfect unison. That means your shades will move at the same speed year after year, whether you control them with your voice, smart remote, or the app.

High-quality, durable fabrics

Serena is dedicated to offering high-quality fabrics that sustain smart shade use, day in and day out.

Only select fabrics make the grade for Serena. Those that do are engineered and tested to be durable for over a decade, so you can be confident you are making the very best choice.

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We obsess about our shades so you don’t have to

For more than 50 years we have been singularly focused on bringing innovative products into the home that are built to last.

Our Serena smart shades and blinds come with a comprehensive warranty and in the unlikely event you’ll need to use it, our customer care team is here for you.

Just call us at 1-855-573-7362 Monday through Saturday.

The most connected smart shades

Serena connects with more smart home brands than any other smart shade. All you need is the Lutron App and Smart Bridge. Sync Serena smart blinds and shades with your other smart home products so you can set the lights, temperature, music and more to your perfect comfort level, all in one place.

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Our expertly selected collection – with hundreds of styles to choose from – makes it easy to find the shade that reflects your personal style and complements any décor.


Our neutral colors in cool to warm tones and subtle, decorative textures, along with optional coordinated fabric wrapped fascias and hembars, transcend passing design trends.


Serena will add a touch of luxury to your home for years to come whether your style is traditional, contemporary or anything in between.

The Serena system

Serena smart shades or blinds, plus a Smart Remote, and a Lutron Smart Bridge, gives you everything you need for flexible, powerful control of your shades and other smart home products.

With a Smart Remote you can put control anywhere —by your bed, on your coffee table, on the kitchen counter — wherever you want. You can even mount it on a wall with a faceplate to look like a switch – no wires, cutting holes or special tools required.

Add the Lutron skill in your favorite voice assistant’s app and use your voice to control your shades or blinds. Serena works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (smart blinds do not work with Siri.)

The Lutron Smart Bridge unlocks other functionality, like voice control, Natural Light OptimizationTM for your smart blinds, and scheduling. It’s fast and reliable and is how Serena talks to and controls other smart home products. The Smart Bridge controls up to 75 Lutron smart devices.

Use the Lutron app to customize your system. Create schedules so your shades or blinds automatically open and close when you want. Or take it to another level by grouping multiple shades or blinds and other smart home products into a custom scene to get just the ambience you want.

Smart lighting integration

Go beyond just controlling natural light by adding smart lighting control with Caséta by Lutron. With a range of products including in-wall dimmers and plug-in dimmers for table and floor lamps, Caséta gives you powerful, dependable smart lighting control. And since you can control Caséta with the same Smart Remotes and Smart Bridge, it’s a simple way to get more out of your Serena system. Learn more about Caséta.

Better with a bridge

The Lutron Smart Bridge is how we deliver the best possible smart shade experience to you

Fast, reliable control

The Smart Bridge ensures your shades and blinds react instantly every time you adjust them — from the app, a Smart Remote, or your voice.

Works when Wi-Fi is down

When the Wi-Fi goes down, your scenes and schedules don’t miss a beat, and you’ll still be in control of your shades and blinds with your Smart Remotes.

Long-lasting wireless accessories

A single Smart Remote battery can last for up to 10 years, because the Smart Bridge talks on a more efficient frequency than Wi-Fi.

Won’t overwhelm your Wi-Fi

Every device that connects to your Wi-Fi can impact your router’s performance, and for most smart home products every single device needs its own connection. The Smart Bridge solves this problem by creating a single, direct connection for your entire system of shades or blinds.

(Much) easier to set up

Smart devices usually require your Wi-Fi username and password, and a good deal of patience to set up each and every one. Save yourself that pain: with the Smart Bridge pairing new devices is as simple as pressing a button, no Wi-Fi credentials required. And the Smart Bridge remembers all of your devices, even if you move or change your router.

Pro or DIY – either way, Serena’s got you covered

Pro or DIY – either way, Serena’s got you covered

Serena gives you everything you need to make your decision with confidence. Whether you choose to go with a pro to help you through the entire process, or do-it-yourself, Serena is here to support you through the whole project.

Buy now or give us a call if you have any questions at 1-855-573-7362 Monday through Saturday.

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