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Serena News and Reviews

New York Times Wirecutter August 6, 2020
Upgrade your home to a smart home using some of these 14 state-of-the-art devices, all chosen for this year’s TOH Top 100 . . . Read more
Cnet.com 9/8/2016
Unlike devices with higher visibility, such as the newest smartphone or tablet, connected shades can be difficult to learn about. What are the options? . . . Read more
Today.com 4/26/2016
Fridge that texts photos, ‘smart’ toilet: See the home products of the future . . . Read more
Cnet.com 1/5/2016
Apple first introduced Apple Home at its Worldwide Developers Conference (or WWDC) in 2014. It's a software platform that lets you use Siri to voice-control third-party products. . . . Read more
Cnet.com 2/3/2016
Lutron's Smart Shades have potential, but it comes at a high price. . . . Read more
TheMoneyPit.com 6/13/12
Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades from Lutron make for a simple . . . Read more
PopularMechanics.com 6//06/12
Dads and grads gift season is a time of lowered expectations—after all, most guys . . . Read more
GadgetGuide.com 4/9/2012
In the realm of home automation, it seems like you can get pretty much anything anymore. I personally have reviewed... Read more
FirstCoastNews.com 2/21/2012
The International Home Builders Show was buzzing with the newest home improvement.... See Video