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Choosing the Control that's Best for You

You have a choice of remotes to use with Serena Shades: an infrared, or IR remote, or the Pico wireless control, which is a radio frequency, or RF remote. Here’s a look at the differences between them, so that you can choose the control that’s best for you.

IR remotes operate by sending a signal from the remote control to the shade via line-of-sight, meaning you have to point the remote control at the specific shade you wish to control in order for the shade to receive the signal. IR signals can’t travel through obstructions, so an IR remote isn’t ideal if you’re planning on putting a curtain or other type of window treatment in front of your shade. These remotes are excellent if you’re going to install your Serena Shades in a TV room or home theater, because the Serena IR shade is compatible with many universal remote controls.

You can choose from a single group IR control, which controls one or more shades, or a 4-group IR control, which controls four groups of one or more shades.

A single group IR remote works right out of the box - you don’t have to program it! With a single group IR remote you can use the open, raise, close, and lower buttons to control all of the shades at the same time. You can also create one preset level. With a 4-group IR remote, you can use the open, raise, close, and lower buttons to control all of the shades at the same time. You can also create one preset level for all of the shades. In addition, you can assign a group of shades to each of the four group buttons on the remote.

For example, if you have four shades in a room, you could assign them like this:

  • Button 1 selects A
  • Button 2 selects C
  • Button 3 selects A and B
  • Button 4 selects B and C

First press 1, 2, 3, 4, or “all” to select your shade group.Then press open, close, raise, lower, or preset to adjust the selected shade group.

The Pico wireless control, which is an RF remote, operates differently than an infrared control. RF remotes send out a radio signal, so you can use them from anywhere in the room within a 30 foot range - you don’t need to point the remote at the shade. These remotes are ideal for a window with drapery, a valance, or a cornice be¬cause the radio signal can travel through those window treatments. The Pico can control one or more shades in a room. And you can mount it on a wall, on a tabletop pedestal, or simply leave it free standing to use as a hand-held control. If you are controlling more than one shade with a single Pico, all of the shades will move simultaneously.

You can also use multiple Picos to create shade groups. For example, if you have three shades in a room and three Pico controls, you could assign them like this:

  • Pico 1 controls A,B and C
  • Pico 2 controls A and B
  • Pico 3 controls B and C

If you have additional questions about the differences between controlling Serena Shades with an IR remote and a Pico wireless control, please call our Serena support line at 1.888.445.8063. Our support staff is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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